Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Exemplars

Week 6 (History)

I chose this as my history selection since it is a comprehensive description of the game, and the mathematician (Richard Garfield) that invented the game. The game is very fun for me, and was the easiest subject matter to go into detail on.

Week 7 (Doing)

I chose this as my doing selection because of the fun I had in researching paradoxes, and the Rubik's Cube, as well as expanding topics from a fun book. The Rubik's Cube was always challenging, but now it's easier to understand

Week 3 (Nature)

I chose this as my nature selection because algebra is a vast subject, and it was simple to dissect the differences between it and other branches of mathematics.

Week 8 (Communication)

I chose this as my communication selection because the book I read was awesome. I was able to to do a joint weekly article that was about The Math Book, and discussing it in a review form was enjoyable.

To view these, go to my blog page, and you will find all the articles.

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