Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 4 - Islamic Tessellations (Doing)

Islamic Tessellation

This week I will be making an Islamic tessellation.

 I found a youtube video of how to draw one tessellation, and I tried free-handing it, but it looked terrible. I also tried drawing it to scale on a regular sheet of paper, and I drew it out of whack. I then tried making it in a powerpoint slide, but it became tricky. Now I am back to using my hands, but I got smart and started using straight-edges and circular objects to make my tessellation. This was really fun, and I’ve noticed that an Islamic tessellation is more geometrical, in the sense that there isn’t as much overlap as a typical tessellation, and more clear and normal polygons appear in the patterns. There are also more stars, which is very cool. 

For the tessellation that I made, it definitely was more difficult than I thought. Trying to draw it semi-free handed, it didn’t come out that well, but I also wasn’t able to simplify the tessellation to just the final drawing, and all the construction lines are still visible. It was still enjoyable and cool to try.

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