Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is Math?

What is Math?

Math is the study of numbers, and can be applied to a seemingly infinite number of real-life situations. The creation of numbers, symbols, and systems seemed to be invented in conjunction with various mathematical systems, where these numbers and symbols could be used, in application, to likely make things easier in life. 

The major discoveries, or developments, in mathematics, in my opinion are:

  1. Invention of Calculus
  2. Development of scientific systems
  3. The basic number model
  4. Numbers such as pi or e
  5. The order of operations

These are massive in the mathematics world, and many industries couldn’t exist without these fields of mathematics. Calculus gives us derivatives, and rates, and the idea of slopes and many other things. The development of financial algorithms come from calculus and differential equations. The scientific systems lead a large part in research in technology and medicine. Our basic number model is the foundation of everything we know today in mathematics. Presumably, the basic number model could be the set of integers, but could be interpreted as any set of numbers, since the original set of numbers could have been any of the sets of numbers. Number such as pi or e as used so much in mathematics. There are entire fields and ideology based on them. Finally, the order of operations allow us to use any number system or set of numbers to function in a progressing society. They simplified life and made many things easier to grasp, as well as became easy for anyone to use. You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t understand, at least, part of the order.

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